Feb 22, 2009

河津桜行ってきました~ぁ。 - Kawazu Sakura Cherry Blossom!










We went to see Kawazu Sakura Cherry Blossom!

I got up at 6:30AM, much earlier than weekdays, to get on Izu-no Odoriko line from Tokyo to Kawazu today. We were able to be seated until Atami, but had to be standing for about an hour due to changing train.

As soon as we arrived in Kawazu, there were tons of people! It was pretty much expected, but there were so many people all the way from the railway station.

As soon as we left Kawazu station... amazing cherry blossom! The cherry blossom and brassica campestris alongside the rail were beautiful. Along side the river, there were cherry blossom, cherry blossom, and more cherry blossom. Some of the trees already had leafs growing and petals falling off, but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

The sardine sushi, taiyaki with vegetables and meat, and free cherry cakes were all tasty. Perhaps we should have eaten more...? :-P

One thing that really disappointed me was the fact that there were all these adults and middle aged people knocking off some brassica campestris in order to have lunch or take photos under cherry blossom. What a great example to all these kids and young people.

The train back home was also packed. We had to be standing for a while, but could get seated after Odawara. We were sooooooo knackered...

Thank you, Kawazu Sakura and people in Kawazu!

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