Feb 14, 2009

宝塚歌劇「太王四神記」とバレンタインデー - Takarazuka Revue 'Taioushijinki' and St. Valentine's Day









Teruko and I went to Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre to see'Taioushijinki' today.

Today's show was hosted by ANA for its customers. Seats were up for grabs by random draw, and we managed to get central seats in Row 9!

I have never seen the TV drama version of 'Taioushijinki' by Bae Yoon Joon, but had no problems following the storyline. I was amazed by the velocity of the show or story. Because of that, I was very impressed by those Takarazuka actresses. The scale of the show was also amazing.

It was quite funny to see all these Takarazuka fans, who were waiting for the actresses before the show, who kept standing up and sitting down. But I could see why these fans look up to those actresses.

Overall, I was really impressed. It was certainly worth seeing by getting up earlier than on weekdays on a Saturday!

Once we finished with the play, we went for a walk around Hibiya Park where plum started blossoming. It was really nice with temperature over 20 degrees.

In the evening, a St. Valentine's Day cake that Teruko worked really hard to make was waiting for me in the evening. It was delicious! Thank you, Teru-Chan!

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