Feb 18, 2009

てるちゃんの誕生日 - Teruko's birthday

今日はてるちゃんの誕生日、お祝いディナーを食べに汐留にある「The Oregon Bar & Grill」に行ってきました~。







We went to 'The Oregon Bar & Grill' in Shiodome for dinner to celebrate Teruko's birthday.

The restaurant gave us a table facing straight at the Tokyo Tower to have a birthday course meal that's only available for three groups a night. When I made reservation, it didn't sound like we could get a window table, so it was a surprise to not just Teruko but also myself. They also put Teruko's name down on the course menu!

After drinking complementary cocktail, the dinner started with great starter. The 9 apprtisers plate was very colourful and tasty. We also had salad and my favorite seafood chowder, and the main dish sirloin stake was cooked really well and delicious!

The birthday dessert was amazing. There were sliced cakes and delicious fruits, and also the chocolate tower with mango cream was soooooo good!

I am really pleased that Teruko was delighted with the dinner and present.

Again, happy birthday Teru-chan!

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Paul said...

Dude, I want to go out for dinner with you in Japan - everything on that table looks gorgeous!