Mar 20, 2009

四国旅行 2009!② - Trip to Shikoku 2009 Part Two!










The second day of our trip to Shikoku was starting a bit late at 9:00AM. So, after enjoying hot spring, we went for a bit of walk around the hotel. Cherry's about to blossom around the hotel. If it's a week or so later, the cherry must be blossom.

The weather forecast was rain and, as predicted, it was raining hard until the dawn. Fortunately for us, the rain cleared by the time we were leaving the hotel, and we had blue sky by lunchtime. We got luck!

We dropped in at Iyo Kasuri Kaikan to see local craft Iyo Kasuri. Iyo Kasuri is beautifully woven. I hope that they will carry on this this type of tradition to many generations to come.

At lunchtime, we went to Uwajima for lunch and shopping. Uwajima is famous for its pearl. They had all sorts of pearl from cheap to expensive. Obviously, I couldn't afford it... :-P

We went to Shimanto River in the afternoon where had pleasure of going down the river on the boat. According to our boatman the river was a bit clouded because of last night's rain, but from our perspective it was beautiful.

After enjoying Shimanto River, we headed towards Ashizuru Sunny Side Hotel where ended up staying due to administrative errors by Hankyu Travel. Ashizuri is not a place that we could easily get to, so we should be satisfied. "All rooms have ocean view" is well exaggerated, but we bumped into stunny view of ocean as we went for a walk after check-in. Both my mum and brother were very much satisfied! And I managed to take lots of photos of stunning sunset!!

The evening finished with Kochi's local dinner 'Sawachi Ryori' followed by sake and hot spring!

We have to start very early tomorrow...

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