Mar 19, 2009

四国旅行 2009!① - Trip to Shikoku 2009 Part One!








Trip to Shikoku with my family finally started!

Our train departed Tokyo at 11:30AM. We had to join this tour because the one with earlier departure was canceled due to not enough tourists, but we wished we could have started much earlier. I didn't even realise that a trip to Fukuyama even with latest bullet train takes almost 4hrs!

From Fukuyama, our bus journey started. The road from Mainland Japan to Shikoku via Shimanami Kaidou was surrounded by beautiful scenery. We stopped at Ohyamazumi Temple where they have a tree that's 2600 years old during the trip.

As it got dark, we arrived at Hotel Okudohgo! This hotel is ideally located in a very quiet mountain side. We enjoyed their food viking that was stuffed with all sorts of delicious food. But the best part of this hotel is hot spring! They have so called 'Jungle Bath' where you can enjoy 26 different types of baths. I heard even local people come here just to have bath. Hot spring is brilliant!

The hotel was surrounded by camellia blossom that's nicely lightened up.

We wish the tour had started earlier, but enjoyed the first day!

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