Mar 16, 2009

ホワイトデー in 横浜 - White Day in Yokohama










Because it was White Day in Japan yesterday, I took Teruko out to Yokohama.

Although I wanted to do something on St. Valentine's Day, I felt sometimes I might as well follow Japanese tradition. :-P

We started off with a lunch course at Manchinro in China Town. We enjoyed their Chinese that tastes more delicate than the Chinese we are used to.

After lunch, we enjoyed the view of the harbour from the Yokohama Harbour View Park, which was followed by visit to Yamate Seiyoukan. We weren't sure we would be able to visit all the seven houses, but managed to do it! I particularly liked the Home of the Diplomat with beautiful garden.

Once we finished visiting all Yamate Seiyoukan houses, it was time to give Teruko a surprise! I took her to Hotel Monterey Yokohama where I had booked a room with ocean view. I found and decided to use this place by accident, but it turned out this is a place that Teruko wanted to come. Woohoo! And the view from our room was lovely.

After a short break at the hotel, we headed to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse to enjoy the evening view of the city and dinner. Dinner was served very late, which we weren't overly impressed with. But the view of the city was fantastic!

Sunrise of Yokohama Harbour was also very pretty. This White Day event finished as we headed to work reluctantly from Yokohama.

I am delighted that Teruko was happy with this surprise gift!

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