Mar 1, 2009

偕楽園と筑波山 - Kairakuen and Mt. Tsukuba










I went to Kairakuen and Mt. Tsukuba to see plum trees with my family and auntie today.

The weather forecast was predicting cloud and rain, but we luckily had some sun from time to time.

We arrived in Kairakuen after 9:30AM, but the place was already quite busy with lots of tourists. It looks like everyone's thinking the same...

80% of the plum trees were blossoming in Kairakuen. You could take photos pretty much anywhere here because plum's blossoming everywhere.

By the time we were leaving Kairakuen, the place was absolutely packed with people. Cars couldn't even get into car park.

We went on to Mt. Tsukuba to see its plum blossom festival. This was smaller than Kairakuen's, but it was as pretty. This place was interesting in a sense the hill with plum trees was like stairs.

It started snowing as we climbed on top to the Mt. Tsukuba with cable car! By the way, the stairs leading to the cable car station were steep and tough...

Although it was cold, we enjoyed the spring today!

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