Mar 28, 2009

納得行かないけど一勝 - Not happy, but a win is a win...







We went to see the World Cup 2010 Qualifier between Japan and Bahrain at Saitama Stadium.

There were tons of people around Urawa Misono station. We noticed there were a lot of people trying to get rid of their spare tickets. We got tickets for less than half the price a few days ago... How lucky are we?!

Japan started brightly with quick attack from the start, but failed to create chances from one dimensional offense. There were some good link-up plays in the midfield, but Japan were a bit casual in front of goal where Bahrain defense was tight. Soon we started seeing Japan dispossessing their ball too cheaply.

Japan scored the opener from Nakamura's free kick immediately after restart. This was a free kick that was earned through Tamada's quick counter attack. However, Teruko was unable to see the goal since she went to get some cocoa...

In the end, Japan won 1-0 without really testing their goalkeeper. It was a one-sided match with a header cleared off the line and Uchida hitting the bar, but Japan failed to create too many chances. Japan really need someone who can dictate the midfield and bomb forward. We also need some tempo in attack and controlling the game.

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