Apr 29, 2009

カンボジア旅行 2009 パート③ - Cambodia 2009 Part Three









今日の締めくくりはバーストリートにある Red Piano というバーで「トゥームレダー」というカクテルを!このカクテルはかなり有名らしく、暑いカンボジアにはもってこいのさっぱり系のカクテル。



The third day of our Cambodia trip started!

As we were going to see Angkor Wat sunrise, we had to get up at 4:30AM! So sleepy! But as soon as we arrived at Angkor Wat, it started raining... and we couldn't see the sunrise...

Once we finished breakfast, we headed to Sras Srang, a bath for an old king, and an elementary school opposite to the bath. Because the kids were having a break at the school, they were enjoying playing football in the field. It seemed to us that they are used to visitors, and some of them even came to us and said hello in Japanese.

Our next destination was Banteay Srei. This place is not huge, but hosts some beautiful sculptures and the view from the moat was nice.

We went to the old market before lunch. Maybe because they predicted that there wouldn't be many customers as it started raining really hard, there was one shop that even tried to block us from leaving! But we managed to find some lovely items after haggling!

After lunch, it was time for Khmer massage! It was sooooooooo nice! As I started feeling warm, I passed out when I realised... :-)

At Preah Khan, we saw round poles and a building with two floors, which are unusual in Angkor. This place had so many Budda's faces that were stolen and taken to Thai border for financial gain. We also saw Neak Pean, a bath that was used to cure illness in the past.

We went to an eat-as-much-as-you-like BBQ restaurant for dinner! This BBQ was interesting in a sense that you use pig's fat and butter to cook meat and seafood while boiling vegetables in a soup. It was delicious!

We finished today with Tomb-Raider cocktail at the Red Piano bar in Bar Street. Apparently this cocktain is very popular, and is very refreshing in such a hot country like Cambodia.

Today was also packed!

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