Apr 28, 2009

カンボジア旅行 2009 パート② - Cambodia 2009 Part Two










Cambodia sightseeing started today!

We headed to Angkor Thom first where we walked through the South Gate and got to the Bayon by elephant. Because it was only us riding an elephant, everyone including locals was watching us! :-) This place also had famous smiling Budda.

After seeing Angkor Thom, we headed to Ta Phrom temple that I was really looking forward to seeing. This place has huge trees standing on top of buildings. It was more amazing than first imagined!

Once we had some tasty domestic food near our hotel, we had a little bit of a break at the hotel. Because the weather was nice, we decided to enjoy the hotel swimming pool. It was so refreshing!

As we had enough rest, we went to Angkor Wat that we had been waiting for. It's just amazing! As the sky cleared, Angkor Wat was looking great for photos. As much as we were impressed with the size of Angkor Wat, sculptures around this place also caught our eyes.

The final sightseeing of the day was to see the sunset on top of the Phnon Bakheng. Unfortunately, we could hardly see the sunset because of the cloud. Gutted!

We enjoyed Cambodian dancing while enjoying viking dinner. Today's dance was also as good as yesterday's.

It was such a packed second day of our trip!

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