Apr 2, 2009

古内東子 at コットンクラブ - Toko Furuuchi at Cotton Club







We went to COTTON CLUB to see Toko Furuuchi's live concert.

Ever since I heard her 'Sayonara Aishiteta Hito' for the first time on the plane back to the UK in 2004, I have always wanted to see her show. This show was at a small venue where musicians and the audience can have cozy atmosphere.

This show was acoustic with only her and her guitarist. Possibly because of that, we could not listen to my favorite 'Sayonara Aishiteta Hito', which is more upbeat. But we could hear all sorts of songs from her classics and the ones I never heard before. I got sucked into it since her songs articulate women's delicate feelings in plain text. She has got a number of beautiful songs that she sings with her distinctive voice.

It was a very enjoyable show where they had some funny talks and we had a saxophone player as special guest with whom they played a few songs together. The climax was Toko-San singing Seiko Matsuda's Rock'n Rouge!

We thoroughly enjoyed the packed 90mins show... Thank you, Toko-San!

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