Apr 7, 2009

Aura at 国立科学博物館 - Aura at National Science Museum







We went to the National Science Museum to see Aura's live concert.

Since we had plenty of time after arriving in Ueno, we saw cherry blossom in Ueno Park for a bit. There were many people, and many piss-up sessions. :-)

I got introduced to Aura when we went to see a free live concert 'Toshigakushi', and love their music ever since.

Aura is brilliant! I just cannot describe their beautiful and gentle voices in words... I was feeling so relaxed while listening that I almost fell into sleep on several occasions. 'Would God I were the tender apple blossom' really reminded me of scenery in the UK where I lived for a long time. Thank you, Aura, for such a wonderful live concert!

I believe that these ladies should start performing in Europe. They would certainly fit into churches and castles of several hundred years old, and even Royal Albert Hall! Go for it, Aura!!

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