Apr 4, 2009

密度の濃い土曜日 - Eventful Saturday










We went to the Okonomiyaki restaurant next to our wedding venue for lunch first. We came here because the couple we sat across during a tasting session was having their wedding today.

After having delicious teppanyaki lunch, we were going to see their wedding from the cafe nearby while having a cup of coffee. Then they asked us to join their ceremony, and we ended up joining in in a casual outfit. We were able to see a wonderful day for the two who were in a very relaxing mood.

In addition, because the new groom is doing football-related job, the coach for Japan national team Okada was there! I couldn't believe I could see him while I was there for only a few hours whereas some staff who were at the venue for the whole day couldn't see him at all... :-)

We moved on to Chidorigafuchi and Yasukuni Temple to see cherry blossom following Teruko's suggestion. There were millions of people out there to see cherry blossom! This is Japan's cherry blossom watching culture I guess.

This time, a former Japan national team's coach Phillipe Troussier was here. You wouldn't meet two former and current national coach at places that are nothing to do with football...

I was gobsmacked by the amount of cherry trees around Chidorigafuchi and Yasukuni Temple. The trees that were lightened up were amazing!

We finished the day with guts stew and oden... with me drinking sake and Teruko having beer. The guts stew was sooooooo delicious! Maybe because my compliment worked well, I was offered a cup full of sake for free!

It was a eventful Saturday!

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