May 2, 2009

カンボジア旅行 2009 パート⑤ - Cambodia 2009 Part Five




しばらくシエムリアップ市外を散歩した後は、Dr. Feetというマッサージ屋さんで最後のクメールマッサージ!いや~ぁ、これがまた気持ちよかった~ぁ。それにしても一番奥でマッサージを受けていたやたら大きい外人のイビキにはさすがのマッサージ師の女の子たちも爆笑。






Today is the last day of our Cambodia trip!

We were planning to go to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat for third time lucky, but were too tired to get up at 5:00AM. We ended up waking up at 8:00AM. :-) The restaurant at the hotel was quite empty by this time.

We started today by looking around the lifestyle alongside the Siem Reap river, and went for souvenir shopping. Souvenir shopping is sooooooo hard. We scratched our head over finding right items for souvenir. Haggling was more of fun it has to be said. We ended up spending over 3hrs just for shopping.

After going for a walk in the city, we had our last Khmer massage at Dr. Feet. It was sooooooooooo good! Snoring this big foreigner was making at the far was corner was so loud that even girls doing massage couldn't stop laughing.

Once we enjoyed the last minutes of our time in town by having chips in the "back" Bar Street, we grabbed our bags at the hotel and headed to the airport. We ended up having a few last minute problems. First I couldn't take cash out from ATM. And we had to wait for a long time for check-in. Although there were lots of people queuing up, when we realised it was just us at the counter...

There were lots of time for shopping at the airport in Vietnam. Because everything was so cheap even at the airport, we ended up buying quite a bit!

While sleeping and looking at sunrise, we arrived at Narita.

This trip to Cambodia was packed with lots of things to see. We really didn't want to come back... our was that good!